House Rules at Kolga Holiday Home

Please treat the property of Kolga Holiday Home with care and use the rooms, furniture, and dishes according to their intended purpose. We kindly ask you to keep the holiday home and its territory clean and tidy.

When leaving the holiday home, please always make sure that the doors and windows are closed.

We kindly ask you to park your vehicles in front of the house in the designated parking spaces.

Please return the rooms of the holiday home in the same condition as they were before your arrival. The dishes should be washed and placed in the same location as they were upon arrival. Trash and bottles should be taken out and stored in the outdoor trash container.

Before leaving, please clean the grilling utensils if you have used the grill.

Swimming in the lake and boating are at your own risk.

Parents are kindly asked not to leave children unattended. Please be especially careful near the lake’s swimming dock and the road passing by the house.

The number of guests staying in the holiday home and its territory must not exceed the agreed-upon number of people at the time of booking.

Please do not use open fire in the holiday home, and smoking is prohibited indoors.

Making a fire is only allowed in the designated fire pit.

Please do not neglect the burning fireplace and sauna stove.